Advanced Registration to Adjust Projected Images REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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Advanced Registration to Adjust Projected Images  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Advanced Registration to Adjust Projected Images
This feature enables precise correction of red, green, or blue misalignment in different areas of the screen by color and area.
Two methods of registration are available: 5-point adjustment (using points in the corners and center of the screen) and more precise manual adjustment based on 54 points (in a 6 x 9 grid).
Any values you set in 5-point adjustment are retained if you subsequently perform manual adjustment. For more precise correction after 5-point adjustment, perform manual adjustment.

• Adjust zoom and lens shift as needed before using [Advanced registration].
• Performing keystone adjustment will prevent accurate adjustment with [Advanced registration]. If keystone adjustment is required, complete adjustment with [Advanced registration] first.

Registration Using 5-Point Adjustment
5-point adjustment enables basic correction of color misalignment across the screen, by moving adjustment points in each corner and the center.

1 In the [Install settings] menu, select [Professional settings] > [RGB alignment] > [Advanced registration] > [Adjust] > [5-point adjustment] > [Adjust].
The projector enters 5-point adjustment mode, and a chart is displayed.

With advanced registration, checkered or halftone image areas may be affected by uneven colors or image artifacts.

2 Use the buttons to select the point for correction, and then press the OK button.
The projector enters color selection mode.

Press the MENU button to return to [Advanced registration].

3 Select [Red] or [Blue] as the color, and then press the OK button.
  • Each time you select [Chart] and press the OK button, display switches between the chart and the source signal.
  • Accessing the 5-point adjustment window during test pattern projection will show the test pattern instead of your supplied signal.
4 Use the buttons to align the adjustment points.

5 Press the OK button to return to the window for color selection mode.
6 Repeat this process to align the remaining colors and adjustment points.

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