Adjustment Using a Test Pattern REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

Article ID: ART172859 | Date published: 12/24/2018 | Date last updated: 12/24/2018


Adjustment Using a Test Pattern  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Adjustment Using a Test Pattern
Resolution and colors can be adjusted during installation by using test patterns.
To access the test pattern menu, select [Test pattern] > [On] in the [Install settings] menu or press the TEST PATTERN button on the remote control.
While the test pattern is displayed, you can use the buttons to switch patterns. Also, if there is an option pattern available, you can use the  buttons to switch pattern. A dialog box is shown during test pattern display that identifies the current test pattern and provides operating instructions.
Watch the test pattern projected as you adjust the image.
The following test patterns can be displayed.

Use to switch patterns
Use to switch option patterns


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