Using Menus REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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 Using Menus  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Use the menus to set the operation of the projector in detail.
1 Press the MENU button to display the menu window.

2 Press the buttons to select a tab.

• If the tab position is not highlighted in orange, press the  buttons to move the current selection to the top.

3 Press the buttons to select an item.

4 Select contents.
How to select the contents varies depending on the item. Selecting from a list Example: Aspect
1. Select [Aspect].
2. Press the OK button or  button to display a list of the contents.
3. Use the buttons to select the desired contents.
4. When you have found the contents you desired, press the OK button or .

Adjusting with the buttons Example: Contrast
1. Select [Contrast].
2. Use the buttons to adjust the setting.

Selecting from a different screen (1) Example: Logo capture
1. Select [Logo capture].
2. Press the OK button to display a different screen.
3. Then follow the instruction on the screen.

5 Pressing the MENU button causes the menu screen to disappear.
The menu screen will also disappear if the EXIT button is pressed

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