Menu Description Install settings REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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Menu Description Install settings  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Install settings
Adjust projection to suit the screen or the type of images, or how the projector is installed

Menu screen when the input signal is HDMI-1

Positional lock
> [Install settings] > [Positional lock]     • Image flip H/V      • Save position (in [Lens - Position])
• Professional settings • Focus adjustment • Zoom • Lens shift reset • Lens shift adjustment • Keystone
• Zoom adjustment

• When mounting the projector on a ceiling, use the optional ceiling attachment (RSCL15) and ceiling-mount arm (RS-CL17). Contact the Canon Customer Support Center for more detailed information.
• Image flipping will reset any adjustment for keystone distortion. In this case, redo the adjustment.
• Adjusting the [Image flip H/V] setting does not alter button assignments in the projector’s side controls.

> [Install settings] > [Zoom]
When lenses not equipped with optical zoom are attached and if projected images do not fit on the screen, you can display the image by electronically reducing its size. This type of zooming reduces overall image dimensions, relative to the center of the image.
Press the button on the remote control to project images at a reduced size, and press the button to enlarge images to full size. Images can be projected at 75 – 100% of the original size.
  • D.ZOOM buttons on the remote control cannot be used for this [Zoom] function.
  • [Zoom] is not available unless [Keystone] is set to [Off].
  • [Zoom] is canceled if, after setting up [Zoom], you change the [Keystone] setting to an option other than [Off].
  • Switching to lenses equipped with optical zoom will reset the setting to 100%.

> [Install settings] > [Keystone]
Two types of keystone correction are available: horizontal/vertical keystone and corner adjustment. Keystone correction can also be reset. Keystone correction can also be applied by pressing the KEYSTONE button on the remote control

The available horizontal-vertical keystone range may vary depending on the lens, lens zoom position, and shift position

Professional settings
> [Install settings] > [Professional settings]
Specify advanced installation settings.
Menu screen when the Ultra-wide Zoom Lens (RS-SL06UW) or Standard 4K Zoom Lens (RS-SL07RST) is attached

Lens - Position
> [Install settings] > [Lens - Position]
The projector can save information about the lens position in memory. Up to three sets of lens information (including focus, zoom, and lens shift settings) can be saved, and the lens can be restored to these positions.
  • The values of the following settings are saved in addition to the lens position
  • information (including focus, zoom, and lens shift settings):
    • Horizontal-vertical keystone / Corner adjustment
    • Screen color
    • Zoom
  • [Load position] is not available unless you perform [Save position] once.
  • The original lens position varies depending on the type of lens used.
  • When saved lens positions are restored, images may be projected in a slightly different position than the saved position.
  • Specifying a somewhat smaller image size than the screen size (image area) enables you to switch among multiple lens positions without having the image extend off the screen.
  • When precise positioning is needed, use lens shift, zoom, and focus functions for fine adjustment.
Screen color
> [Install settings] > [Screen color]
You can adjust the color quality of the images projected according to the color of the projection screen.

> [Install settings] > [Iris]
Use this feature for projection emphasizing contrast over brightness.

The [Iris] setting does not affect power consumption

Test pattern
> [Install settings] > [Test pattern]
You can project a test pattern to check resolution, color, and other details even without supplying an input signal. Also available by pressing the TEST PATTERN button on the remote control.

• While the test pattern menu is displayed, you can use the   buttons to switch patterns. Additionally, options of test pattern that have options can be changed with the  buttons.
• The test pattern menu is no longer displayed after a little while, but you can view it again by pressing the buttons.

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