How do I correct an "Out of memory" error? My PC has enough memory.

Article ID: ART172876 | Date published: 12/24/2018 | Date last updated: 02/25/2019


If you configure scanning conditions that use a large amount of the computer's memory, scanning may stop because of insufficient memory. Although this depends on the computer's memory size, the possibility of insufficient memory increases if any of the following scanning conditions overlap.
  • [Color Mode] is set to [24-bit Color] or [Detect Automatically]
  • A large page size is specified as the [Page Size]. Alternatively, the page size is set to [Scanner's Maximum].
  • A high resolution (600dpi etc.) is specified for [Dots per inch].


If an error message appears due to insufficient memory while scanning is in progress, exit the application, change the scanning conditions (e.g. reduce the resolution or page size) and then try scanning again. In addition, the amount of memory used can be contained by turning off [Moire Reduction] and [Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background] if they are set to on.

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