Correcting keystone LX-HM502Z

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Correcting keystone LX-HM502Z


Correcting keystone
Keystoning refers to the situation where the projected image becomes a trapezoid due to angled projection.
Use the keystone keys on the projector or remote control to display the keystone page. After the keystone page is displayed, press  to correct keystoning at the top of the
image. Press  to correct keystoning at the bottom of the image.
  • You can correct the vertical keystone. However, the adjustment ranges are limited in such correction.
  • When the keystone adjustment is carried out, the adjustment value is indicated. Note that this value doesn’t mean a projection angle.
  • The allowable range of the adjustment value in the keystone adjustment varies depending on the installation conditions.
  • Images may not be projected in a shape of a regular rectangle or with its aspect ratio 4:3, depending on the installation conditions of the projector and the screen.
  • When the keystone adjustment takes effect, the resolution decreases. In addition, stripes may appear or straight lines may bend in images with complicated patterns. They are not due to product malfunctions.
  • Noise may appear on the screen during the keystone adjustment because of the type of the video signal being projected and the setting values of the keystone adjustment. In such cases, set the keystone adjustment values in the range where the image is displayed without noise.
  • When the keystone adjustment is carried out, the image may not be displayed correctly because of the type of input signal.

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