Connecting to Other Devices LX-HM502Z

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Connecting to Other Devices LX-HM502Z


When connecting a signal source to the projector, be sure to:
• Turn all equipment off before making any connections.
• Use the correct signal cables for each source.
• Ensure the cables are firmly inserted.

  • In the connections above, some cables may not be included with the projector. They are commercially available from electronics stores.
  • The connection illustrations are for reference only. The rear connecting jacks available on the projector vary with each projector model.
  • Many notebooks do not turn on their external video ports when connected to a projector. Usually a key combo like FN + function key with a monitor symbol turns the external display
  • on/off. Press FN and the labeled function key simultaneously. Refer to your notebook's documentation to find your notebook's key combination.
  • If the selected video image is not displayed after the projector is turned on and the correct video source has been selected, check that the video source device is turned on and operating correctly. Also check that the signal cables have been connected correctly.

Connecting multiple sources through HDBaseT
HDBaseT is a connectivity standard that combines HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, and various control signals. These signals are transmitted with one CAT5e (or above) cable up to 100 meters in length. With the use of HDBaseT switching matrix (commercially available), you may connect multiple sources to your projector with HDBaseT connection.
When connecting the RJ45 cable, avoid coiling and intertwining the cable as it may cause signal noise or interruption.
The illustration below is for reference only, actual layout may vary.

  • Use a shielded LAN cable rated at CAT5e or better.
  • Maximum transmission distance is 100 m.
  • However, maximum transmission distance may be shorter in some environments.
  • Do not use the LAN cable when it is coiled or bundled.
  • Inserting or removing the LAN cable during projection may cause noise.
  • Connectivity with all HDBaseT transmitters on the market is not guaranteed.
  • Some HDBaseT transmitters may not enable correct projection when used to connect source equipment to the projector.

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