Controlling the projector remotely through a web browser (e-Control®) LX-MH502Z

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Controlling the projector remotely through a web browser (e-Control®)  LX-MH502Z


Controlling the projector remotely through a web browser (e-Control®)
With a proper LAN cable connection and LAN Control settings, you can operate the projector from a computer using a web browser or PJLink application when the computer and the projector are connected to the same local area network.

Recommended operating systems: Windows7/8.1/10, Mac OS X v10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.11.

1. Enter the address of the projector in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.

Recommended web browsers: IE11, Chrome v55.0 / 56.0 / 57.0 3/ 64.0.3282, Firefox v50.0 / 51.0 / 52.0, Safari v8.0 / 9.0 / 10.0.

2. The remote network operation page is displayed. This page allows you to operate the projector as if you were using the remote control or control panel on the projector.
• Main page

i. These buttons function the same as the ones on the OSD menus, projector or remote control. See "Projector & Remote control" and "Menu operation" for details.
ii. To switch input source, click on your desired signal.

When you use the projector control panel or remote control to change the OSD menu settings, it may take a while for the web browser to synchronize these changes with the projector.
• Tools page
The tools page allows you to manage the projector, configure the Network Settings and secure access of remote network operation on this projector.

i. When using the Crestron Control System, please refer to the user manual of Crestron Control system for setup information.
ii. You can name the projector, keep track of its location and the person in charge of it.
iii. You can adjust the Network Settings.
iv. Once set, access to the remote network operation on this projector has been password-protected.
v. Once set, access to the tools page has been password-protected
  • After making the adjustments, press the Send button and the data will be saved in the projector.
  • Once the password is set, the Log Out button will display beside the Tools button.
  • Write down your selected password in advance or right after the password is entered so that it is available to you should you ever forget it.
  • If you did not write down your password, and you absolutely do not remember it you can reset the password by following procedure.
    • Open log in screen of e-Control® by your web browser.
    • Long press MENU and  on the projector for 3 seconds.
    • Now the password has been reset.
  • The software is available in English language.
  • When DHCP is turned on, there is a possibility of stopping the webpage connection. If this happens, please check the new IP address of the projector and enter the new address to â€‹connect again​
vi. Press this button to go back to the remote network operation page.
  • Info page
The info page displays the information and status of this projector.

i. The information you entered in the Tools page will display here and these columns are empty when you use e-Control® for the first time.

ii. When the projector is in abnormal conditions, the following information will display.

When the projector is in normal conditions or in any abnormal conditions other than the ones mentioned below, the Error Status column will be "0:No Error".

iii. Press this button to go back to the remote network operation page.

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