Troubleshooting LX-MH502Z

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Troubleshooting  LX-MH502Z


The projector does not turn on. 
Cause Remedy
There is no power from the power cord.
Plug the power cord into the AC power jack on the
projector, and plug the power cord into the power outlet. If the power outlet has a switch, make sure that it is switched on.
Attempting to turn the projector on again
during the cooling process.
Wait until the cooling down process has

No picture 
Cause Remedy
The video source is not turned on or
connected correctly.
Turn the video source on and check that the signal
cable is connected correctly.
The projector is not correctly connected to
the input signal device.
Check the connection.
The input signal has not been correctly
Select the correct input signal with the INPUT key.

Blurred image 
Cause Remedy
The projection lens is not correctly
Adjust the focus of the lens using the focus ring.
Depending on video signal timing, the
projector needs to fine-tune for less blurred
Adjust Phase in the DISPLAY menu.

Remote control does not work. 
Cause Remedy
The battery is out of power. Replace the battery with new one.
There is an obstacle between the remote
control and the projector.
Remove the obstacle.
You are too far away from the projector. Stand within 8 meters (26 feet) of the IR remote

The password is incorrect. 
Cause Remedy
You do not remember the password. See "Security Settings"
Web page does not appear in web browser. 
Cause Remedy
LAN control settings or LAN cable connection are problematic. Verify the LAN control settings. Please see
"Network Settings" for details. Make sure the LAN cables are properly connected.
The projector's network settings are not
reflected, or the IP address of the projector entered in the browser's address bar is wrong.
Please reload the web page in the browser.
If you do not see it even after updating the web page, please check the IP address of the projector.

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