Maintenance, Inspection, and Storage of Canon Cinema lenses.

Article ID: ART172980 | Date published: 12/31/2018 | Date last updated: 12/31/2018


Maintenance, Inspection, and Storage of Canon Cinema lenses.


  1. Before cleaning the lens, always disconnect the lens cable and remove the lens from the camera.
    Do not use benzene, thinner, or other flammable substances to clean the lens. This may cause fire or electric shock.
  1. Clean off any dust on the lens using a lens blower or a soft lens bush.
    In case of fingerprints or stains on the lens, use a clean cotton cloth moistened with commercial lens cleaning fluid, or use lens cleaning paper. Gently wipe in a spiral pattern from the center of the lens.
    Be careful not to rub dust across the lens, which may scratch the lens surface.
  2. Routine inspection about once a year is recommended, depending on the conditions and environment of use. Request overhaul, if needed.

  1. Always attach the lens cap (or hood cap) and dust cap before storage. Storing the lens without the caps attached poses a risk of fire if the lens focuses a light source.
  2. Immediately wipe off any moisture on the lens from misty or foggy environments, using a dry cloth. Seal the lens in a plastic bag with a desiccant (preferably new) to prevent moisture inside.

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