Setting the Shooting Mode Dial SX70 HS

Article ID: ART172987 | Date published: 01/03/2019 | Date last updated: 01/03/2019


Setting the Shooting Mode Dial  SX70 HS


Use the Mode dieal to access each shooting mode
1. Tv Mode Tv
Set the shutter speed before shooting
7. Av Mode Av
Set the aperture value before shooting
2. P Mode P
Set a variety of settings before shooting
8. M mode M
Set the shutter speed and aperture value fefore shooting to obtain the desired exposure
3. Auto Mode AUTO
Fully automatic shooting with camera-determinded settings
9. C1/C2 Mode C1/C2
Save commonly used lshooting modes and your configured functions setting for reuse
4. Hybrid Auto Mode 
Automatically record a clip of the sceen before each shot
10. Movie Mode 
Record a variety of movies
5. Parorama Mode 
Create panoramas combining a series of shots
11. Creative Filters Modes 
Add a variety of effect to images when shooting
6. Sports Mode 
Shoot continuously as the camera focuses on moving subjects
12. Special Scene Mode  SCN
Shooting with setting for specific screnes


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