Features Available on the Quick Control Screen SX70 HS

Article ID: ART172990 | Date published: 01/03/2019 | Date last updated: 01/03/2019


Features Available on the Quick Control Screen  SX70 HS


Press the  button on the shooting or playback screens to access the Quick Controls screen, where you can adjust settings. Choosee a setting item on the right or left to display setting options for it on the bottom

(1) Setting items
(2) Setting options

The following settingare available in P mode. Available setting items and options vary by shooting mode.
AF Method Choose an auto focus (AF) mode for the scene you are lshooting
AF Operation Choose [SERVO] to keep subjects in focus while you press the shutter button halfway
Drive Mode* Set up continuous shooting or the self-timer
Metering Mode Choose how brightness is measured
Image Quality* choose the size (number of pixels) and compression (quality) of your shots
Movie Rec. Size* Choose the recording size and frame rate for movies
ISO Speed Choose ISO speed
White Balance Shoot with natural-looking colors under specific types of lighting
Style Settings Choose color tone contrast and other image details
Auto Lighting Optimizer Choos the level of auto correction for brightness and contrast
Still Img Aspect Ratio* Choose the aspect ratio for stills
* Also available in AUTO mode


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