Shooting Panoramas (Panorama Mode) SX70 HS
Article ID: ART172998 | Date published: 01/04/2019 | Date last updated: 01/04/2019


Shooting Panoramas (Panorama Mode)  SX70 HS


Create a panorama combining shots captured continuously as you move the camera one direction while holding the shutter button all the way down.
1 Enter  mode.
2 Choose a shooting direction.
  • Use the  button to choose the direction you will shoot.
  • An arrow is displayed showing the direction to move the camera.
  3 Press the shutter button halfway.
  • Keeping the shutter button halfway down, focus on the subject.
4 Shoot.
  • Holding the shutter button all the way down, move the camera at a constant speed in the direction of the arrow. 
  • The area displayed clearly (1) is captured.
  • A shooting progress indicator (2) is displayed.
  • Shooting stops when you release the shutter button, or when the progress indicator is completely white.