Zooming In Closer on Subjects (Digital Zoom) SX70 HS

Article ID: ART173008 | Date published: 01/04/2019 | Date last updated: 01/04/2019


Zooming In Closer on Subjects (Digital Zoom)  SX70 HS


Zooming In Closer on Subjects (Digital Zoom)
When distant subjects are too far away to enlarge using the optical zoom, use digital zoom for up to about 260x enlargement.
1 Press the zoom lever or zoom button toward .
  • Keep pressing the lever or button.
  • Zooming stops at the largest zoom factor before the image becomes noticeably grainy, which is then indicated on the screen.
2 Press toward again.
  • The camera zooms in even closer on the subject. 
  • (1) is the current zoom factor.

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