Easily Reacquiring Subjects after Manual Zooming (Framing Assist – Seek) SX70 HS

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Easily Reacquiring Subjects after Manual Zooming (Framing Assist – Seek)  SX70 HS


Easily Reacquiring Subjects after Manual Zooming (Framing Assist – Seek)
If you lose track of a subject while zoomed in, you can find it more easily by temporarily zooming out.
1 Press and hold the  button.
  • The camera zooms out and displays a white frame around the area shown before you pressed the button
2 Aim the camera so that the subject enters the white frame.
3 Release the  button.
  • The camera zooms in to fill the screen with the area that was in the white frame in step 2.
The area shown after the  button is pressed can be adjusted.
[  Display area]                                                        

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