Avoiding Lost Subjects after Zooming In (Framing Assist – Lock) SX70 HS

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Avoiding Lost Subjects after Zooming In (Framing Assist – Lock)  SX70 HS


Avoiding Lost Subjects after Zooming In (Framing Assist – Lock)
The camera can reduce camera shake after you zoom in and can center your subject to help you avoid losing it.
1 Zoom in toward the telephoto end and press the  button.
  •  is displayed, and the camera applies image stabilization for shooting at the telephoto end.
2 Choose a subject to keep near the center.
  •  is displayed in the center of the screen.
  • Aim the camera so that [ ] is on the subject, and then press the  button or press the shutter button halfway.
  • The subject is tracked to keep it near the center of the screen.
  3 Shoot.

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