Configuring Flash Settings SX70 HS

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Configuring Flash Settings  SX70 HS


Configuring Flash Settings
Several flash settings are available.
1 [Flash settings]

Adjusting Flash Exposure Compensation
You can adjust the flash exposure from –2 to +2 stops, in 1/3-stop increments.
1 [Flash exp. comp]
2 Set the amount of compensation.
  •   buttons

Adjusting Flash Output
Choose from three flash levels in modes.
1 [Flash mode] → [Manual]
2 [Flash output]

Changing the Flash Timing
The timing of flash firing relative to shutter release is adjustable.
1 [Shutter sync.]

Reducing Red-Eye
To help prevent red-eye, the camera can illuminate the red-eye reduction lamp before firing the flash in low-light shots.
1 [Red-eye lamp]                           

Configuring Safety FE
To ensure suitable exposure in flash photography under unfavorable exposure conditions, the camera can automatically adjust the shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed.
1 [Safety FE]                                 

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