Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB Shooting) SX70 HS

Article ID: ART173038 | Date published: 01/04/2019 | Date last updated: 01/04/2019


Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB Shooting)  SX70 HS


Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB Shooting)
Three images are captured at different exposure levels. Bracketing width is adjustable in 1/3-stop increments in a range of ±2 stops, centered on the exposure compensation level.

1 [Expo.comp./AEB]
2 Configure the settings.
  • Exposure compensation: buttons
  • AEB:  dial
  3 Shoot.
  • Over a series of three images captured as you press the shutter button, exposure is adjusted relative to the level set in step 2, from standard exposure to underexposure to overexposure.
  • When  [Drive mode] is set to [High speed continuous] or [Low speed continuous], three images are captured each time you hold the shutter button all the way down, before the camera stops shooting.


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