Choosing the AF Method SX70 HS

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Choosing the AF Method  SX70 HS


Choosing the AF Method
Choose a method of auto focusing (AF) for the subject and scene you are shooting.
1    button choose an
Shoot with the focus on the face of the main subject, as
determined by the camera. Subjects are tracked within a
certain range
Tracking AF Shoot after choosing a subject to focus on.
Spot AF Autofocus with an AF point smaller than for 1-point AF.
1-point AF The camera focuses using a single AF point. Effective
for reliable focusing.

Choosing Subjects to Focus On (Tracking AF)
  •  is displayed in the center of the screen.
2 Choose a subject to  focus on.
  • Aim the camera so that  is on the desired subject, and then press the  button
  • When the subject is detected,   is displayed. Even if the subject moves, the camera will continue to track the subject within a certain range.
  • If no subject is detected, is displayed.
  • To cancel subject selection, press the  button again.
  3 Shoot.
  • Press the shutter button halfway.  changes to a blue , which follows the subject as the camera continues to adjust the focus and exposure (Servo AF) 
  • Press the shutter button all the way down to shoot. 
  • Even after your shot,  is still displayed and the camera continues to track the subject.
Moving the AF Point
The AF point can be moved when the AF method is [1-point AF] or [Spot AF].
1 Press the  button.

2 Move the AF point.
  • Move: buttons or dial 
  • Center (original position): button

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