LCD and Operation Panel - TS702

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 perform printer settings and maintenance


LCD and Operation Panel

Pressing the Setup button (A) on the operation panel displays the Setup menu screen, which enables you to perform printer settings and maintenance.

Selecting a Menu or Setting Item

In a menu screen or settings screen, use the left right button (B) to select an item or option, and then press the OK button (C) to proceed with the procedure.

To return to the previous screen, press the Back button (D).

Example: Changing the setting for Prevent Abrasion.

  1. Press Setup button (A).

  2. Use left right button (B) to select Device settings and press OK button (C).

  3. Press OK button (C).

  4. Press OK button (C).

  5. Use left right button (B) to change setting and press OK button (C).

Network Status Indication

Wi-Fi setting and the network status indicate by the icon in the standby screen.

If the Wi-Fi icon appears on the LCD, it indicates that Wi-Fi is enabled and the printer is connected to the wireless router.

Depending on the signal state, the icon will change.

Signal strength: 81 % or more

You can use the printer over Wi-Fi without any problems.

Signal strength: 51 % or more

The problem such as the printer cannot print may occur according to the network status. We recommend placing the printer near the wireless router.

Signal strength: 50 % or less

The problem such as the printer cannot print may occur. Place the printer near the wireless router.

Wi-Fi is enabled but the printer is not connected to the wireless router.

If the LAN icon appears on the LCD, it indicates that the wired LAN is enabled.


  • When Wi-Fi, wired LAN, or both are disabled, the Wi-Fi icon, LAN icon, or both are not displayed.

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