Recording Video Snapshots SX70 HS

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Recording Video Snapshots  SX70 HS


Recording Video Snapshots
Record a series of 4, 6, or 8 sec. video snapshots, and the camera will combine them to create a video snapshot album that shows these highlights of your trip or event.
[Video snapshot] → [Video
snapshot] → [Enable]
  2 Configure the settings.
Playback time Choose the video snapshot playback time.
Playback effect Choose the video snapshot playback effect.
Show confirm msg Choose whether to display a confirmation message after each video snapshot is recorded.
  • The time required to record a video snapshot ([Time required]) is displayed, based on [Playback time] and [Playback effect].
  • After your first video snapshot is recorded, in [Album settings], you can choose which album to save your next video snapshot to.
3 Start recording.
  • Press the button to return to the shooting screen, and then press the movie recording button. 
  • A bar showing the elapsed time is displayed, and recording stops automatically when finished.
4 Save to an album.
  • This message is not displayed if you set [Show confirm msg] to [Disable] in step 2, and the video snapshot is automatically saved to the album you selected in [Album settings] in step 2.
  • Repeat steps 3–4 as needed.
  5 Stop recording video snapshots.
  •  Button 


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