Editing Movies SX70 HS

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Editing Movies  SX70 HS


Editing Movies
Removing the Beginning/End of Movies
You can remove unneeded portions from the beginning and end of movies except digest movies and video snapshots
1 Choose a  movie.
 button →
3 Choose .
  • During playback, press the  button to choose
  • The movie editing panel and editing bar
are displayed.
4 Specify portions to cut.
  • Choose
  • To view the portions you can cut (identified by on the screen), press the buttons to move . At the position to cut, press the  button.
  5 Review the edited movie.
  • Playback:  
  • Cancel editing: MENU button
6 Save the movie.
  • → [New file]
  • Save a compressed version: →[OK]

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