Printing on Postcards - TS702

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This article provides information regarding printing on postcards with the PIXMA TS702.



This article describes the procedure for printing on postcards.

  1. Load postcards in the printer.

  2. Select paper size and paper type from the printer

    Register Hagaki for paper size from the printer operation panel.
    Also, register Hagaki, IJ Hagaki, or Hagaki K for paper type, according to your purpose. When you print on the address side, register Hagaki.

  3. Select Paper Size and Media Type from the print dialog

    Select Postcard or Postcard Borderless for Paper Size from the print dialog. When you print on the address side, select Postcard.
    Select Auto Select for Media Type from the print dialog.

    figure: Paper Size and Media Type in the Print dialog


    • This printer cannot print on postcards that have photos or stickers attached.
  4. Uncheck Two-Sided

    figure: Two-Sided in the Print dialog


    • Two-sided printing is not possible for postcards, so remove the Two-Sided check mark. If you print with the Two-Sided check mark on, the printing result may not be as you intended.
    • You will get cleaner printing if you print the message side first and then print the address side.
  5. Click Print

    The printer prints according to the specified settings.

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