Geotagging Images as You Shoot SX70 HS

Article ID: ART173172 | Date published: 01/08/2019 | Date last updated: 01/08/2019


Geotagging Images as You Shoot  SX70 HS


Geotagging Images as You Shoot
Your shots can be geotagged using GPS information (such as latitude, longitude, and elevation) from a smartphone paired via Bluetooth. On the playback screen, you can check the location information added to your shots.
On the smartphone, activate location services.
1 Start Camera Connect.
  • If connected via Wi-Fi, end the connection.
   [GPS settings]
3 [GPS via mobile] → [Enable]
4 Shoot.
  • Before shooting, confirm that and  icons are shown on the camera.
  • Your shots are now geotagged.
  • From now on, shots you take with Camera Connect running will be geotagged.

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