Changing File Numbering SX70 HS

Article ID: ART173251 | Date published: 01/08/2019 | Date last updated: 01/08/2019


Changing File Numbering  SX70 HS


Changing File Numbering
Your shots are automatically numbered in sequential order (0001–9999) and saved in folders that store up to 9,999 images each. You can change how the camera assigns file numbers.
 [File numbering] → [Numbering]
or [Manual reset]
Continuous Images are numbered consecutively (until the 9999th shot is taken/saved) even if you switch memory cards or folders.
Auto reset Image numbering is reset to 0001 if you switch memory cards, or when a new folder is created.
Manual reset Creates a new folder and starts numbering images from 0001.


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