Optional Accessories SX70 HS

Article ID: ART173299 | Date published: 01/08/2019 | Date last updated: 01/08/2019


Optional Accessories  SX70 HS


Battery Pack LP-E12
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery Charger LC-E12 Series
  • Charger for Battery Pack LP-E12
Interface Cable IFC-600PCU
  • For connecting the camera to a computer or printer
Wireless Remote Control BR-E1
  • Bluetooth enabled wireless remote control
Remote Switch RS-60E3
  • Enables remote shutter button operation (pressing the button halfway or all the way down).
Lens Hood LH-DC90
  • Prevents extraneous light outside the angle of view from entering the lens and causing flares or ghosting, which reduce image quality.
Filter Adapter FA-DC67A
  • Adapter required when mounting a 67 mm filter.
Canon PictBridge-Compatible Printers
  • Even without using a computer, you can print images by connecting the camera directly to a printer.

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