Geotagging Images as you Shoot.
Article ID: ART173314 | Date published: 01/10/2019 | Date last updated: 01/11/2019


Geotagging Images as you Shoot.


Geotagging Images When You Shoot
(For Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled PowerShot cameras.)

Still images and movies you shoot can be geotagged using GPS information (such as latitude, longitude, and elevation) from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone. You can review the recorded GPS information on the camera. Using software, you can also view the locations on a map, with the still images and movies shown next to them.
1. Connect the camera and smartphone via Bluetooth.
2. Choose [GPS settings].
  • ​​​Press the  button, choose [GPS settings] on the  tab, and then press the ​ button.
3. Configure the setting.
  • Choose [GPS via Mobile], and then press the  buttons or turn the  dial to choose [Enable].
4. Shoot.
  • The still images and movies you shoot are now geotagged using smartphone GPS information, which you can check by choosing "GPS Information Display" in the [GPS settings] menu.
  • Next time, after starting Camera Connect on your smartphone, make sure the camera and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.
  • See Transferring Images to a Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone section below for assistance.
  • Images are not geotagged this way unless Camera Connect is running.
  • The GPS information added to your movie is acquired initially, when you start shooting.
  • GPS information cannot be updated unless Wi-Fi is off.
  • The GPS information added to images in remote live view shooting is acquired initially, when you switch to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Images may not be geotagged if you connect via NFC or Bluetooth when the camera is off.
  • Others may be able to locate or identify you by using location data in your geotagged still images or movies. Be careful when sharing these images with others, as when posting images online where others can view them.
  • To check the GPS information acquired from the smartphone, choose MENU >  tab > [GPS settings] > [GPS information display].
  • GPS acquisition status is indicated by one of the following icons.  Acquiring,  Not acquiring.
Transferring Images to a Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone
1. Install Camera Connect.
  • For Android smartphones, find Camera Connect in Google Play and download and install the app.
  • For an iPhone or iPad, find Camera Connect in the App Store and download and install the app.
2. Register a nickname.
  • Press the power button.
  • Press the  button, choose [Wireless settings] on the ​ tab, and then choose [Nickname].
  • Press the  button to access the keyboard, and then enter a nickname.
  • To return to [Wireless setings] after pressing the  button, press the  button again.
3. Prepare for pairing.
  • Choose [Bluetooth settings], press the  buttons or turn the  dial to choose [Pairing], and then press the  button.
  • A screen is displayed indicating that the camera is waiting to connect.
4. Start Camera Connect.
  • Activate Bluetooth on the smartphone, and then start Camera Connect on the smartphone.
  • After the camera is recognized, a camera selection screen is displayed.
5. Select the camera to connect to.
  • Choose the camera nickname.
  • Complete the pairing process for the smartphone.
6. Complete pairing.
  • Press the  buttons or turn the  dial to choose [OK] after the confirmation  message on the camera, and then press the  button.
  • Press the  button when the screen at left is displayed.
7. Transfer images.
  • The camera will automatically switch to Wi-Fi if you choose [Images on camera] in Camera Connect.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, in the device's Wi-Fi setting menu, choose the SSID (network name) displayed on the camera to establish a connection.
  • Use the smartphone to transfer images from the camera to the smartphone.
  • To switch to Bluetooth, disable the Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone.
  • Battery life may be shorter when you use the camera after pairing, because power is consumed even when the camera is off.
  • Before bringing the camera to places where the use of electronic devices is restricted, set [Bluetooth] to [Off], to avoid having the camera ready for Bluetooth communication even when it is off.
  • Bluetooth connection status is indicated by one of the following icons.
     Connected,  Disconnected
  • You can also use the camera to disable Wi-Fi connection described in step 7.
  • To check the information of the smartphone connected via Bluetooth in [Check/clear connection info], choose MENU >  tab > [Wireless settings] > [Bluetooth settings]. Choose [Address check] to check the camera's Bluetooth address.