Using a USB cable to establish Wi-Fi connection - TS702 (Mac)

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Printer not detected. Use USB cable to transfer network information


Setup using USB cable

If the printer is not detected despite having completed all preparatory steps for connection, the connection can be established by temporarily connecting a USB cable between printer and computer. The USB cable will transfer necessary network information and can be disconnected after setup completes

  1. If the printer is not detected, setup will not proceed past the following screen. Click Alternative Methods to continue setup.

  2. Select Set up Wi-Fi connection using a USB cable.  Click Next.

  3. On the Wi-Fi settings screen, click Next.

  4. If a dialog box requesting keychain access appears, click Allow.

  5. Connect a USB cable between the printer and computer. Verify the printer is powered on and click Next.

  6. Click Next on the Connection completed screen.

  7. Disconnect the USB cable.  Click Next.

  8. On the Add Printer screen, click Add Printer

  9. In the Add window, click on the Bonjour listing for the Canon TS700 series.  For Use, select Secure AirPrint or AirPrint, then click Add.

  10. On the Test Print screen, click Start to perform a test print if desired (Optional) .  Click Next to proceed.

  11. Click Next on the Setup Complete screen.

  12. The Software Installation List will appear.  Place a check in the box for each item that you would like to download and install.  Click Next to proceed.

  13. Click Next on the You can Print from a Smartphone...... screen

  14. Select either Skip or Register Now on the Printer Registration screen.

  15. Select Create shortcut or Do not create shortcut and click Next.

  16. Click Exit

    The installation is complete and your printer is now ready for use with your Mac.

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