Preparing to transport an imagePROGRAF PRO Series Printer.

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To protect the internal parts in transit, always follow these steps before transferring the printer to a new location.


Preparing to Transfer the Printer:

The maintenance cartridges needs to be replaced when you execute the Prepare to transportation menu. Prepare the maintenance cartridge in advance while referring to the table below. The number of maintenance cartridge required varies depending on the amount remaining in the maintenance cartridge being used.

  • If you can move the printer in a level state using casters or something similar, you do not need to execute Prepare to transportation.

    Prepare to transportation Menu

    Usage Examples

    Transport and Storage In Low Temperature Environments

    Permitted Angle of Inclination

    Required Maintenance Cartridges

    Move indoors on the same floor

    Move indoors by carrying


    All directions: within 30°


    Move indoors to a different floor

    Moving the printer while temporarily tilting it such as when using the stairs


    All directions: within 90°


    Transport outdoors

    Transport By Vehicle


    All directions: within 90°



Selecting Menu for Prepare to transportation

  1. If touch screen indicates to replace maintenance cartridge, replace maintenance cartridge.

    Flick Home screen and tap Maintenance.

  2.  Touch Screen

    The Maintenance screen appears.

  3. Tap Prepare to transportation.

  4. Select and tap transfer level.

    Displays the confirmation screen.

  5. Tap Yes.

When the preparation is finished, instructions appear on the touch screen.

Remove the ink tanks before packing the printer.

The printer is now prepared for transfer.

Removing Ink Tanks:

  1. Open left and right ink tank covers to remove all ink tanks.
  1. Push down release lever (A) as shown as you gently return all ink tank lock levers to their original positions.

  2. Close ink tank covers.

    At this point, ink is drawn out from inside the tubes.

    A confirmation message will appear when the process is finished.


  • Do not remove the maintenance cartridge except when the message indicating replacement is displayed.
  • If you remove the maintenance cartridge while ink is being removed, the ink may leak out.
  1. Replace maintenance cartridge currently being used with new maintenance cartridge.

  2. Press ON button and turn off printer.

Pack the printer:

  1. Disconnect power cord and interface cable.


    • Turn off the printer before you unplug it. Unplugging the printer before it is off and moving it may damage the printer. If you accidentally unplug the printer, plug it in again, reinstall the ink tanks, and follow this procedure again.

  2. Open top cover.

  3. Grasp Belt and insert Belt Stopper into position shown.


    • Attach the Belt Stopper that was removed and stored after initial installation. Neglecting to attach the Belt Stopper may damage the printer.

    • Never touch the linear scale (A), carriage shaft (B), or ink tube stabilizer (C). Touching may damage them.

  4. Close top cover.

  5. Tape down printer covers to secure them, in the reverse order of tape removal during installation.

  6. Remove basket by reversing installation procedure.

  7. Remove the Stand by reversing the installation procedure, when it was attached to the printer.

  8. Disassemble and repackage the Stand by following the installation procedure in reverse.

  9. Repack Roll Holder, holder stopper, and printer in shipping materials, and then package them in shipping box.

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