Inserting and Removing an SD Card VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Inserting and Removing an SD Card  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Inserting an SD Card
When a commercially available SD card is inserted, recordings can still be made to the card without stopping when the remaining recording time on the built-in memory runs out.

Depending on the setting of the recording media, recording can be made to the SD card without using the built-in memory.
See: “Types of Usable SD Card”  or “Approximate Video Recording Time” for more information

1 Open the terminal cover.
2 Close the LCD monitor to turn off this unit.
3 Insert an SD card.

  • Make sure not to insert the SD card in the wrong direction. It may cause damage to the unit and SD card.
  • Before inserting or removing the SD card, close the LCD monitor and ensure that the POWER/ACCESS lamp goes off. 
  • Do not touch the metal contact area when inserting the SD card.

Memo :
  • When “SEAMLESS RECORDING” is set to “ON”, recordings can still be made to the SD card without stopping when the remaining recording time on the built-in memory runs out. See “ SEAMLESS RECORDING ”
  • Both videos and still images can be recorded on one SD card. It is recommended to confirm the video operation of the SD card before usage.
  • To record to an SD card, it is necessary to set the recording media to See “SD CARD”, “ REC MEDIA FOR VIDEO ”, “ REC MEDIA FOR IMAGE ”
  • To use a new SD card, or SD card used on other devices, it is necessary to format (initialize) the SD card using “FORMAT SD CARD” from the “SETUP” menu. See “ FORMAT SD CARD ”

Removing the Card
Push the SD card inward once, then pull it out straight.

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