Resetting the Clock VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

Article ID: ART173354 | Date published: 01/11/2019 | Date last updated: 01/11/2019


Resetting the Clock  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Resetting the Clock
Set the clock with “DATE & TIME” from the menu.
1 Tap “MENU”.
2 Tap “SETUP”.
3 Tap “DATE & TIME”.

0 Tap to scroll the screen.
5 Set the date and time.
  • When the day, month, year, hour, or minute item is tapped,  will be displayed.
  • Tap to adjust the year, month, day, hour, and minute.
6 After setting the date and time, tap “SET”.  
7 Select the region where you live and tap “SAVE”.
  • Time difference between the selected city and the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is displayed.
  • Tap to select the city name.

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