Pairing With Smartphones via Bluetooth

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Pairing With Smartphones via Bluetooth


Pairing with Smartphones via Bluetooth
Pair the camera with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone as follows.
1. Choose [Wireless communication settings].
  • Choose  menu > [Wireless communication settings].
2. Set Bluetooth to [Enable].
  • Choose [Bluetooth function].
  • Choose [Bluetooth function] again and then [Enable].
3. Pair the devices.
  • Choose [Pairing] > [Do not display].
  • A message is displayed indicating that pairing is in progress.
  • Using the smartphone, pair the camera and smartphone as described in the next steps.
4. Start Camera Connect on the smartphone.
5. Choose the camera to pair with.
  • Touch the nickname of the camera to pair with.
  • In Android, go to step 7.
6. Touch [Pair] (iOS only).
7. On the camera, complete the pairing process.
  • Choose [OK] when a pairing confirmation message is displayed.
  • On the pairing notification screen, press the  button.
  • Pairing is now complete, and the camera is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Any active Bluetooth connections will be lost if you remove the camera battery pack. The connection will be reestablished when you insert the battery pack and turn on the camera.

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