Scenes of Intelligent Auto VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Scenes of Intelligent Auto  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Display Icon Description
Captures one’s skin beautifully.
Allows people to be captured naturally.
Record a group of people with the most suitable settings.
Records while focusing on a near object.
Focuses at a far distance and captures a sharp image with vivid  colors.
Records in dark places with minimal noise in the overall image.
Allows night scenes to be captured accurately with minimal noise in the overall image.
Prevents colors from fading even when recording in a bright environment, such as snowfield and beaches.
Prevents colors from fading when recording a subject in a spotlight.
Reproduces the green color of trees vividly
Reproduces the colors of sunset naturally
Adjusts settings so that the subject does not appear too dark due to backlight.
Records while emphasizing the brightness of the colors.
Reproduces the natural colors of the outdoors during the day.
Reproduces the natural colors of the indoors in a cold-color illumination
Reproduces the natural colors of the indoors in a warm-color illumination.
Selects the most suitable settings for handheld shooting.
Selects the most suitable settings when a tripod is used for shooting.

Memo :
  • Scenes can be detected according to the shooting conditions and automatically adjusted in Intelligent Auto mode. 
  • Multiple scenes may be detected depending on the recording conditions. 
  • Some functions may not work properly depending on the shooting conditions.

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