Zoom Memory VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11
Article ID: ART173385 | Date published: 01/14/2019 | Date last updated: 01/14/2019


Zoom Memory  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Zoom Memory
The zoom position can be stored by the Zoom Memory icon (WT) on the touch screen.

Storing Method
1  Zoom to the position to reach to the desired position for storing.

2 Tap “WT”.

3 Press and hold “M” (approx. 1 second).

Operating Detail

1 Tap “WT”.

2 Tap “M”.
  • Zoom to the point that is stored in advance.
Memo :
  • If the setting of DIS, VIDEO QUALITY, SYSTEM SELECT or ZOOM is changed, the zoom position stored will be erased