Capturing Subjects Clearly (TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF) VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Capturing Subjects Clearly (TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF)  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Capturing Subjects Clearly (TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF) 
“TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF” is a function that adjusts focus and brightness based on a tapped position.
This function is available for both videos and still images.

1 Open the LCD monitor.
  • Set the recording mode to either video or still image.
  • To switch the mode between video and still image, tap or on the recording screen to display the mode switching screen. 
  • Tap or to switch the mode to video or still image respectively.

2 Tap “MENU”
  • The top menu appears.

  • If the icon is not displayed on the screen, tap 1 to scroll the screen.
  • Tap to exit the menu.
  • Tap to return to the previous screen.
5 Tap the desired setting.
  • Focus and brightness will be adjusted automatically based on the tapped position (face/color/area). A blue frame appears around the selected subject (face/color), while a white frame appears around the selected area.
  • To reset, tap the desired position (face/color/area) again. 
  • To cancel “FACE TRACKING” or “COLOR TRACKING”, tap the blue frame.
  • To cancel “AREA SELECT”, tap the white frame.

Memo :
  • When “TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF” is set, “FOCUS” will be set to “AUTO” automatically. Tap the selected position (face/color/area) again to cancel the setting. 
  • Tap on an unselected position (face/color/area) to reset.
  • If the camera loses track of a subject, tap the subject again.
  • Settings are canceled when zoom operation is performed. (“AREA SELECT” only) 
  • When “COLOR TRACKING” is set, the targeted subject (color) may change if similar colors are detected. In this case, tap the subject again. The targeted subject (color) may also be tracked back again if it appears in the center of the screen within a specific time.
Caution :
  • Subjects near the sides of the LCD monitor may not respond or be recognized when tapped. In this case, move the subject to the center and tap again. 
  • “FACE TRACKING” may not work properly depending on the shooting conditions (distance, angle, brightness, etc.) and the subject (direction of face, etc.). It is also particularly difficult to detect faces in backlight.
  • “COLOR TRACKING” may not function properly in the following cases: 
    • when recording subjects with no contrast
    • when recording subjects that are moving at high speed
    • when recording in a dark place
    • when the surrounding brightness changes
  • “AREA SELECT” is not available while the digital zoom is in use.
  • When “FACE TRACKING” is set, the subject may be lost if the camera is moved vertically or horizontally very fast.

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