Recording Videos with Time Counter VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Recording Videos with Time Counter  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Recording Videos with Time Counter
You can take a video with a stopwatch recorded. You can start, stop and reset the stopwatch as with any stopwatch.
This can be used to record sports video.
(The recorded time counter cannot be deleted afterward.)

1 Open the LCD monitor
  • Check if the recording mode is .
  • If the mode is  still image, tap on the recording screen to display the mode switching screen. 
  • Tap to switch the mode to video.

2 Tap “MENU”.
  • The top menu appears.

  • If the icon is not displayed on the screen, tap > to scroll the screen.
  • Tap to exit the menu.
  • Tap to return to the previous screen.
5 Tap the display position with your finger and drag your finger to adjust.
  • The position can be adjusted when the recording stops.
6 Press the START/STOP button to start recording.
  • Press the START/STOP button again to stop recording. 
  • Tap to exit “TIME COUNTER RECORDING” when the recording stops. (To perform operations other than recording, tap to exit the “TIME COUNTER RECORDING” first.)
7 Tap “ START” on the screen to start the counter.
  • You can start the recording after the counter has been started. 
  • You can freely stop, reset or resume the counter during recording.

Memo :
  • If “TIME COUNTER RECORDING” is exited while the counter is still running, the counter continues to count from where it left off the next time “TIME COUNTER RECORDING” is operated.
  • If 24 hours have elapsed since the counter started running or if the clock has been set, the counter reading automatically returns to “0:00:00” and the counter stops running. 
  • The recorded time counter cannot be deleted afterward.

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