Operation Buttons During Video Playback VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11
Article ID: ART173425 | Date published: 01/15/2019 | Date last updated: 01/16/2019


Operation Buttons During Video Playback  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


When this unit is not operated, the operation buttons on the touch screen disappear automatically.
Tap on the screen to display the operation buttons again.
  Display Description
1 Switches between video and still image modes.
2 (Timeline Bar) Tap on a random position - Moves to the tapped position
Drag playback point to the left or right - Starts playback from the new position
Tap on a random position - Moves to the tapped position
3 (Pointer) Displays the current estimated playback position within the scene
4 Saves one scene of the video being played back as a still image.
  • Displayed while playback is paused
5 Returns to the beginning of the scene Returns to the previous scene if tapped at the beginning of a scene.
  • Allows the same functions as the zoom lever to be performs while pausing playback.
6  (during playback) Reverse search (speed increases with each tap)
 (during pause mode) Reverse slow-motion / Press and hold to start reverse slow playback
7 Starts playback
8  (during playback) Forward search (speed increases with each tap)
Forward slow-motion / Press and hold to start slow playback
9 Advances to the next scene
10 Slow playback
  • The speed can be set using “SLOWMOTION SPEED”
11 Switches the display between full and simple with every tap of the button.
  • Simple display: Some displays disappear automatically when the screen is not operated.
  • Full display: Displays everything. The display button changes from to .
  • When the power is turned off, the display setting will revert to simple display .
12 <<REC Switches to the recording mode.
13 Stop (returns to index screen)
14 Deletes the currently displayed video.
15 Enlarges the displayed video.
  • Tap the position of the image you want to enlarge.
  • Zoom ratio changes by using the (+) and (-) buttons.
16 MENU Displays the menu screen.

Memo :
  • Tap or drag on the operation area of the touch screen.
  • The recording date and time can be displayed on the screen during playback.