Connecting to and Viewing on TV VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11
Article ID: ART173430 | Date published: 01/16/2019 | Date last updated: 01/16/2019


Connecting to and Viewing on TV  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Connecting to and Viewing on TV
You can connect this unit to a TV for playback. The image quality on TV varies with the type of TV and the connecting cable. Select the connector
that best suits your TV.
  • Refer also to the instruction manual of the TV in use. 
    • “Connecting via the HDMI Mini Connector”  
    • “Connecting via the AV Connector”
  • To display the date and time on TV, set both “DISPLAY DATE/TIME” and “DISPLAY ON TV” to “ON”.

Unnatural Displays on TV
Trouble Action
Images do not
appear on the TV
  • Disconnect the cable and connect again.
  • Turn off and on this unit again.
  • Images may not appear properly when the remaining battery power  is low. Use an AC adapter.
Images are
projected vertically
on the TV
  • Set “VIDEO OUTPUT” in the “CONNECTION SETTINGS” menu to “4:3”. See “ VIDEO OUTPUT ” 
Images are
horizontally on the
  • Adjust the TV's screen accordingly
The color of images
looks strange.
  • Adjust the TV's screen accordingly.
functions    do not
work properly, and
the TV does not
work in conjunction
with this unit.
  • TVs may operate differently depending on the specifications, even if they are HDMI-CEC compliant. Therefore, the HDMI-CEC functions of this unit cannot be guaranteed to operate in combination with all the TVs. In such cases, set 
    • “HDMI CONTROL” to “OFF”.
The language on
the display
  • It may occur when you connect this unit to a TV with different language setting using an HDMI mini cable.
  • Turn off this unit and the TV before making any connection.
  • Before inserting or removing the SD card, close the LCD monitor and ensure that the POWER/ACCESS lamp goes off.