Part Names and Locations VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Part Names and Locations  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


  VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

1 Speaker
2 Grip Belt
  • Pass your hand through the grip belt to hold this unit firmly.“Grip Adjustment”

1 Cover Lock
2Tripod Mounting Hole


1 Lens
  • The lens is protected by a protective glass cover.
  • If the lens is dirty, use a commercially available lens blower to remove any dust, and a commercially available cleaning cloth to wipe off any dirt. 
  • Do not cover the front of the lens with your fingers during recording.
2 Light (HF-W11)
  • Turn on the light when shooting in dark places.
3 Stereo Microphone
  • Do not cover the microphone with your fingers during video recording.
4 LCD Monitor
5 CHARGE (Charging) Lamp
  • Lights up: Charging in progress
  • Goes off: Charging completed/Beyond temperature range
  • Blinks: Charging error or abnormal temperature
6 POWER/ACCESS (Power/Access) Lamp
  • Lights up/blinks during recording or playback. Do not remove the SD card or any connecting cables.
7 Zoom/Volume Lever
  • During shooting: Adjusts the shooting range.
  • During playback (index screen): Moves to the next or previous page.
  • During video playback: Adjusts the volume.
8 Strap Mount
  • The strap is not supplied.
9 START/STOP (Video Recording) Button
  • Starts/stops recording of videos/still images.
10 Terminal Cover

1 SD Card Slot
  • Insert an optional SD card.
2 Reset Button
3 HDMI Mini Connector
  • Connects to TV using an HDMI mini cable.
4 AV Connector
  • Connects to the AV connector of a TV, etc.
5 USB Connector (Micro USB AB type)
  • Connect to the AC adapter to perform charging. You can also connect to the external device or computer using the USB cable.                                            



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