Connecting Your Printer to a Wireless LAN (WPS PIN Code) - TS6220



This article shows how to start a wireless connection of your PIXMA TS6220 printer to a wireless LAN using the WPS PIN code method.



Some wireless routers will allow you to connect devices via a WPS PIN code.  Follow the steps below to begin a wireless connection setup using the WPS PIN code method for the PIXMA TS6220.
  1. On the HOME screen, tap the network symbol at the lower left corner of the screen.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi.

  3. On the Wi-Fi setting list screen, tap Settings.

  4. Tap Wi-Fi setup.

  5. Tap Other connection types.

  6. Tap WPS (PIN code method).

    The printer will process for a few moments.

  7. A PIN code will appear on the screen.

    The PIN code must be entered into your router.  Please refer to your router's documentation for information on how to enter a PIN code from a device.

    After the PIN code has been entered into the router, the printer will attempt to connect to the network.

  8. After the printer has connected, tap OK.


TS6220 Support Page

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Updated   02/28/2019

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