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USB connection



To set up the printer on a Mac computer to scan and print via USB cable, software drivers and applications must first be installed on the computer.  .

To begin the setup, first download the setup file

Read the information taking note of the information concerning warning messages that may appear during setup then click the "Download" button for your OS version.

  1.  Double-click the Setup icon to start the installation program.

  2.  Click Open.

  3.  Click Next

  4.  Enter the password for your computer.  Click Install Helper

  5.  Click Start Setup

  6. Click Next 

  7.  Select the region and click Next

  8.  Click Yes on the License Agreement

  9.  Select either Do not agree or Agree on this screen.  Selecting Do not agree will not affect installation.

  10.  Select USB Connection (USB Cable) and click Next.

  11.  If a USB cable was connected previously, the instruction to disconnect will appear

  12.  Connect the USB cable and click Next

  13. Click Next

  14.  Click Start if you want to perform a test print.  Otherwise click Next to continue.

  15.  Click Next on the Setup Complete screen.

  16. Select any optional software desired and click Next

  17.  Select either Skip or Next

  18.  Click Exit.

    The printer is now ready for use.

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Updated   01/18/2019

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