Troubleshooting Recording Issues VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11

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Troubleshooting Recording Issues   VIXIA HF W10 _ HF W11


Recording cannot be performed.
Check the button.
“Top/Left/Rear Side”
Set to the recording mode by tapping the button on the screen.

Recording stops automatically.
Recording stops automatically as it cannot be performed for 12 or more consecutive hours according to specifications. (It may take some time to resume recording.) Turn off this unit, wait for a while, and turn it on again. (This unit stops automatically to protect the circuit when the temperature rises.)

The continuous shooting speed of still images is slow.
The continuous shooting speed will drop if this function is used repeatedly. Continuous shooting speed may drop depending on the SD card or under certain recording conditions.

The focus is not adjusted automatically.
If you are recording in a dark place or a subject that has no contrast between dark and light, adjust the focus manually.
“Adjusting Focus Manually (FOCUS)”
Wipe the lens with a lens cleaning cloth.
Cancel manual focus on the manual recording menu.
“Adjusting Focus Manually 

Zoom does not work.
Digital zoom is not available in the still image recording mode.
Zoom operation is not available in time-lapse recording. (Simultaneous still image recording and image stabilizer are also not available.)
To use digital zoom, set “ZOOM” in the menu accordingly.
“ ZOOM ”

Mosaic-type noise occurs when recording scenes with fast
movements or extreme changes in brightness.
Set the “VIDEO QUALITY” to “UXP” or “XP” for recording.

The inside of the lens is foggy.
Open the terminal cover; close the LCD monitor and leave as is for a while to reduce the temperature.
Preventing fogging inside the lens 
  • Models with waterproof function are airtight. When the temperature rises during recording, condensation can occur inside the lens due to the internal humidity. 
During recording
To prevent the temperature of this unit from rising, we recommend that you use the unit in the following ways.
  1. Avoid frequent exposure to direct sunlight. Record under the shade or use an umbrella. Best if you could keep a wet towel cover the unit.
  2. The use of a tripod is recommended. Long hours of recording while holding the unit in your hands will cause the temperature of the unit to rise.
  3. It is better to leave the terminal cover open while recording. However, the waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof features do not function in this condition. Do take note of the environment when using the camera. (Do not use a wet towel.)
  4. Make sure to turn off the power when you are not recording.
When the LCD monitor is closed, the unit turns off.

 During charging
It is recommended to charge the unit in a low humidity environment. The moist air inside the unit can cause condensation. We recommend that you charge the unit in a room where humidifier is not in
use, and in an air-conditioned room during summer.

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