Projector Features Rayo S1

Article ID: ART173547 | Date published: 01/22/2019 | Date last updated: 01/22/2019


Projector Features  Rayo S1


Bluetooth speaker function
You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker and since it has a microphone function, it can be used as a mic/speaker for audio conferences.

Sub battery functions
You can use it as a standalone sub battery. Connect it to a device that you want to charge.
While charging an iOS device, it is necessary to keep the power turned on for this product. While charging an Android device, it is not necessary to keep the power turned on for this product.

Projector function
Simply connect wirelessly to other devices and use it as a mini projector.

To connect the project to other devices such as smart devices, only wireless connections are supported. Connection via a wired cable is not supported.

Android OS mounting
You can use the touch pad to access the Internet from the product.

It requires an Internet environment, such as a separate mobile Wi-Fi router.

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