Charging functions Rayo S1

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Charging functions  Rayo S1


Charging functions
1. Connect the micro USB charging jack to the power terminal of the projector.

  • You must only use an authentic charger (DC 5V/2A). Use of a non-certified charger can cause a malfunction.
  • If you charge the product using a publically available portable battery, make sure to check whether the rated output fits the projector specification before use. (Projector spec: 5V/2A) If you use a charger with a rated output lower than the required specification, it can cause the main unit to malfunction.
2. When the charging lamp turns green, disconnect the charger from theprojector.

• A red charging lamp means it is charging, a green charging lamp means charging is complete

Standard charge time and usage time
If you are using the projector for the first time, or have not used it for a long time, charge the battery before use.

• The charging or usage time may vary depending on the charging condition or the environment of use.
• The battery life decreases after purchase due go aging. You cannot exchange the battery included in the product. If the battery life is significantly shortened, due to aging, it can be replaced or repaired.

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