Turning on in Bluetooth® Mode Rayo S1

Article ID: ART173555 | Date published: 01/22/2019 | Date last updated: 01/22/2019


Turning on in Bluetooth® Mode  Rayo S1


Turning on in Bluetooth® Mode
  • To use the Bluetooth function, slide the power switch to Bluetooth mode.
  • If you turn on the device in Bluetooth mode, you cannot use Projector mode.
  • For more information on how to turn on Projector mode, see "Turning on in Projector Mode" 
1. Check whether the device is turned off.
If the power switch is in the center, the device is turned off.

2. Slide the power switch to the left (Bluetooth mode ).

3. It will enter Bluetooth connection mode.
When you hear the beeping sound, it means that the device has entered
Bluetooth connection waiting mode

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