Mirroring connection (Windows OS) Rayo S1

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Mirroring connection (Windows OS)  Rayo S1


Mirroring connection (Windows OS)
1. On the home screen, click the "Mirroring " icon to switch to waiting mode.
  • To use the mirroring function, turn on the Wi-Fi in Device Settings.
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned ON.
2. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your computer. (No need for an Internet connection.)
❶ To launch the Charm bar on the computer, tap Device > Display.
  • Press the Windows key on the bottom left of the keyboard together with the K key to display the Device menu immediately.
  • Different names are used depending on the OS version. For more details, see the user guide of your device.
❷ On the display screen, select Projector.
If there is a problem with the connection, proceed as follows:
1. On the display screen, click Add a Wireless Display.
2. Select this device name on the projector and select Delete Device.
❸ Select Add Device and select the device name again.
※ The device name is shown as "MINI-xxxx." If the mirroring screen is displayed on the projector, the connection is complete.

3. After use, make sure to disable mirroring from the computer.
During the mirroring connection, press the Windows key on the bottom left of the keyboard together with the K key to display the Windows Settings. In the Windows Settings, tap Disconnect.

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