Using the Browser Rayo S1

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Using the Browser  Rayo S1


You can access the website to search for information or add it to your bookmarks. However, you must have a connection to the Internet before using a browser.
1. Click the "Browser  " icon on the Home screen to run the web browser application.

It requires an Internet environment, such as a separate mobile Wi-Fi router.

2. Click the address bar.
3. Enter a website address or keyword then click Move.
4. Gently drag down the screen to display the address bar and the toolbar.

Click the "Multimedia " icon on the Home screen to move to the screen to run multimedia applications

❶ Video: You can see a list of videos and select a file to play.
❷ Music: You can see a music library and select a file to play.
❸ Albums: You can see a list of images and select a file to view.

Click the "Setting " icon on the Home screen to move to the screen to check or change the device settings.

You can configure the user environment of features and applications.

Wi-Fi network connection
Connect to the wireless network environment to access the Internet or connect to a wireless network device.

Turn off the Wi-Fi function when not in use (to prevent battery drain)
1. Click the "Setting" icon on the Home screen, select Wi-Fi from the Setting screen, and press the switch to enable the feature.
2. Select the Wi-Fi you want to connect to from the list of available Wi-Fi network list.
Enter the password for a locked connection.

3. Click Connect to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

  • You will be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi that was previously connected without having to enter the password.
  • If you want to prevent automatic connection to the Wi-Fi network, long press the Wi-Fi network and delete it from the list.
❶ If you want the product to be detected as a portable disk on the computer, select PC Connection from this settings.
❷ A confirmation window will appear to check the connection to the computer. To connect, select OK.
❸ A connection is complete. To disconnect with the computer, select Disconnect.

You can change the volume.
❶ Select Sound from the Settings screen.
❷ Sound: You can adjust the volume in eight levels.

Font size
: Adjust the font size displayed on the screen.
: Adjust the screen brightness.

The maximum brightness is selected by default.

You can check the current usage and the remaining capacity on each storage or delete data within the storage. In addition, you can check if the USB memory is connected to the product.

You can check the current usage and maximum battery level.

You can manage installed applications and change settings. You can check or manage the list of applications for Downloads/SD Card/Currently Running/All.
❶ Select an application for the Setting screen.
❷ Application settings: You can configure the user environment of applications.

You can specify whether or not to allow installation of unknown applications.

Language & Input
You can set the input environment displayed on the screen, such as languages and characters. Some options may not be available depending on the selected language.
: Select the language to use in the application.
: Select the keyboard to use to enter characters. Choose for each language being used.

Factory reset
: Initialize all the settings, internal memory, and storage for the product.

Date & Time
Select [Date & Time] on the Setting screen to set the time and date display format.
When the battery dies, the [Date and Time] can be reset.
Date/time auto settings
: Enable or disable the application of time from the network.
Date settings
: Manually set the current date.
Time settings
: Manually set the current time.
Standard time zone selection
: Select the standard time zone for your city.

Developer options
This option can be used to adjust USB functions. Do not use it if possible. It can affect product operation or performance.

About Device
Select [About Device] on the Settings screen to check product information.

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