Using as a portable battery Rayo S1

Article ID: ART173572 | Date published: 01/23/2019 | Date last updated: 01/23/2019


Using as a portable battery  Rayo S1


Using as a portable battery

While charging an iOS device, it is necessary to keep the power turned on for this product. While charging an Android device, it is not necessary to keep the power turned on for this product.
1. Connect the product and the device to charge using the USB cable. (Micro-USB terminal on the main unit)

  • Charging capacity: DC 5V, 1A/h
  • The maximum charging time differs from device to device.
  • Please not that if the USB cable is used to connect the main unit's USB terminal (USB Type-A) to the power input terminal (USB micro 5pin), it can cause problems, such as a malfunctio

2. Check if the device is being charged correctly.

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