Troubleshooting Rayo S1
Article ID: ART173575 | Date published: 01/23/2019 | Date last updated: 01/29/2019


Troubleshooting  Rayo S1


When the power does not turn on
  • Press the reset button to turn the power on. For more information on resetting, see "Reset" 
  • Check the battery level.
When you cannot connect to a wireless network
  • Check the Wi-Fi environment.
  • If your device cannot connect to Wi-Fi, press the reset button and try connecting again.
When the screen is trapezoid
  • Adjust the location so that the screen and the product's projection light are perpendicular. If the product is not operating or it does not power off
  • Press the reset button for a second. For more information on resetting, see "Reset"
When you cannot play a video after a DLNA connection
  • Check if the media player of your smart device supports DLNA.
  • Check the video format as it may not play due to the incorrect video format.
  • If it does not play due to the incorrect video format, use a codec converter to convert it into a general format.
  • You must use an authentic charger with DC 5V, 2A. If you do not use an authentic charger, it won't charge correctly and may cause problems in features.