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Software application


Printing Stickers

Create and print ID photos of various sizes.

  1. Start Easy-PhotoPrint Editor.

  2. In New screen, click Stickers.

    figure: New screen

    The view switches to the Select template screen.

  3. Select the template you want to use.

    figure: Select Paper Size screen


    • To narrow down the templates, set the conditions in the Filter area.

    The Select Paper Size screen appears.

  4. Select paper size and click Next.

    figure: Item edit screen

    The view switches to the Photo Locations screen.

  5. Select the photo(s) you want to use for item.


    • Select the Add the same image to all frames checkbox to use the same image in all image layout frames.

    The view switches to the Item edit screen.

  6. Edit item according to preference.

    figure: Print Settings screen


  7. Click Next.

    The view switches to the Print Settings screen.

  8. Set Auto photo fix, Red-eye correction, and number of copies to print.

  9. Click Next.

    The Print dialog appears.

  10. Specify printer and paper to use, and other settings.


    • For details on the Print dialog, see Help of macOS.
  11. Click Print.

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